Goofing on Numbers: Skyscraper BMI

This is the start of Goofing on Numbers, a little semi-regular series I’d like to do here. The basic idea here is to take equations and gently misuse them to answer meaningless questions, sort of like What If? if it cared less about describing any actual physical reality. It’s an illustration of the principle of Garbage In, Garbage Out, but more importantly for my purposes, it’s tons of fun. Today I’m going to take a look at Body Mass Index, that often criticized metric of weight.

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What Have I Been Up To?

Regular readers will notice that I haven’t updated this blog in a third of a year. Magical Monkey Adventure has remained frozen in time with nary an update in sight. The obvious question is just what I’ve been up to over the past couple months. Well…

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Magical Monkey Adventure Devlog #1: The Basics

I’ve been reading a fair amount of Shamus Young content lately. (His stuff is up there with The Digital Antiquarian for me. Amazing comfort food reading.) I particularly enjoy his programming project stuff, and since I’ve been working on a game, I got to thinking.

I’m a programmer. I write. I could do that. So I am. Welcome to the Magical Monkey Adventure devlog.

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In All Honesty, I Don’t Know Why I Thought The Other Workflow Was Really That Viable

Welcome to the new blog! After years away from WordPress, I’ve finally come back to it. It’s just so much easier; I’m a college student now, and messing around with my FTP stuff whenever I want to post to my blog is a bit much. I’ve got classes to go to!

I’m leaving the old blog up for posterity’s sake. (The post on why I abandoned WordPress for static HTML didn’t age well, did it? I almost wish I had finished it, just so I could know what I was thinking back then.)

This post is just an announcement – “Hey guys, I’m still here!” – so I don’t have anything else to say. Expect more here in the future – I’m working on a couple things right now, so I’m sure I’ll end up having something to talk about.